A son goes looking for answers. Who killed his mother wasn’t the question that the author set out to answer, or even one he knew to ask, when he started researching her life…but it is the question that emerged and it simply will not go away.

When Rose Cherami (aka Melba Christine Youngblood Marcades) was 35 years old she gave up her five-year-old son, Michael. Once grown and established at the highest levels of music academia, Dr. Michael Marcades, Rose’s son, set out to answer some questions as to who his mother was and why she died so young. In the process, he hoped to establish a better understanding of her life and to gain some palpable connection to her. During this journey, he pieced together the fragments of Rose's troubled life - her secret dealings with mobsters, assassins, the FBI, prostitution rings, as well as her struggle with addiction and violence. The book chronicles her entire life – from childhood to her mysterious death. Her story spans the width of the country and the depths of
abuse, misery, humiliation, and the greater depths of her love for her son.

Despite her young age, Rose had already seen enough of life’s deprivations for three lifetimes. It often seemed more like Hollywood than reality, especially when Michael's research connected Rose to the JFK assassination. Evidence confirms that she warned authorities and others about the assassination plan before it happened. Based on true, documented events, the REVISED SECOND EDITION invites the reader into a world hidden behind the mystique of the Kennedy era.

Many will identify with a mother’s love often thwarted by her struggle to overcome her demons, the cruelty of life towards those on the fringes, and the apathetic destruction of people by national politics. This book will speak to anyone who has searched for information about a parent, struggled with the consequences of family addiction or has pursued historical truth beyond narratives recorded in contemporary textbooks.

Walk with Michael as he searched for his mother. The journey revealed a truly amazing, mysterious story that will linger with you.


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